Author: Russ

Quick Collage

Originally uploaded by photodad3 New app on my iPhone lets me create simple collages, pretty cool! And now I can post pictures to this weblog on the go via Flickr.

February Pictures

February sure did go by fast.  I have added February pictures to the Photo Gallery.  I was actually able to get some pis of Nicholas this month:-) This pic is their first time playing pool when we went to the…

January Pictures

January pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery.  I am sure Samantha will want to do a new video when she is home again next weekend, so stay tuned. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


390% increase in traffic yesterday!  Be sure to check out the pictures of the kids (Photo Gallery), who are doing well with this situation so far.  They are my #1 priority and as you can tell by the pictures and…